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Christopher Murphy, Ed.D.

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Indoor Air Quality Coordinator: 

Adam M. Atlihan


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Dear Indianapolis Community Member,

Because many people are not familiar with charter schools and their role in public education, we appreciate the opportunity to narrow this information gap.  In addition to understanding that charter schools are public, tuition-free, and open to everyone, we have many academic initiatives designed to enable us to meet our goal of a 90% ISTEP+ pass rate and a 100% graduation rate.

A sampling of these academic initiatives include:

  • K-8 College Preparatory Curriculum
  • The Concept Young Scholars Program; to prepare students for acceptance and success at the nation’s top colleges and universities and qualify for the Congressional Award
  • Science and Math Olympiads; to encourage and reward achievement and to showcase subject mastery
  • Technology for every student; to facilitate 21st century learning in all subjects
  • Increased standards and expectations; to improve test scores and passing rates
  • Study Island; personalized preparation for standardized testing based on individual acuity testing results


Students at IMSA West also benefit from cultural diversity and excellent role models in our faculty and staff who teach by example to appreciate our differences and similarities, and how to overcome adversity to succeed in education and in life.   You will likely want to meet some of our students and faculty who are living examples of how and why our model works.

It would be my distinct privilege to introduce you to our Director, Murat Atlihan, and to share with you the philosophy behind our success, as well as our proven, successful education model.  To know is important, but to be known is vital for our young people to feel valued and to be held accountable.

For this reason, we would very much like to establish a relationship with you as a member of our community, city, and state.  IMSA West wants to know you, and we believe that it is vital for you to know us, to learn our value, and to hold us accountable in our quest to educate those to whom we will entrust the future.

Please let us know if you would like to visit our school; our student ambassadors are prepared to provide a guided tour of our facility.