IMSA West is managed by Charter Management Organization( CMO), Concept Schools, Inc.
Concept Schools is a Chicago based, not-for-profit charter management and consulting organization.
Concept Schools, Inc. first initiated Horizon Science Academies in Cleveland and Columbus Ohio, in 1999.

In a few short years, Concept Schools, Inc. has grown to manage more than 30 charter schools in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota and Wisconsin. All of the schools are located in urban areas and serve a total of 8,200 underprivileged students in Cleveland,Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, Dayton, Lorain, Peoria, Springfield, Toledo and Youngstown in Ohio, Indianapolis, IN, Chicago, IL, and Hazel Park in Michigan, St. Louis, MO and St. Paul, MN.

The school model that was developed by Concept Schools was initially only for grades 6-12. However, due to the need to close the achievement gap in the early years of schooling, Concept expanded its model to K-12 and began opening elementary schools in 2006.

In its third year, IMSA added K-5 and expanded to 491 students.( more than double the enrollment) IMSA rated “Exemplary” based on performance and improvement in based on Indiana’s category placement 2008-2009 school year.

In the school year 2013-14 IMSA West changed it’s grade span to K-8 and we added Pre-K in 2018-19 school year.