From Staff, Parents, Students and Dignitaries

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Senator Joe Donnelly:

It has been a real privilege to be here at the school. What I see here is the future of Indiana and future of the United States. As I told our children, in one of these classrooms could be the next congressman or senator or President of the United States and what we see here are dedicated teachers, students are here to learn and the opportunity for these children to have all their dreams come true.
Representative Todd Rokita:
Indiana Math and Science Academy is a true Hoosier success story.
Shirley E Tyson-Still (Parent, IMSA NORTH):

IMSA is an awesome school. They really challenge my girls to their full potential. I made a very good decision to make the switch from their previous school!
Brittany Bohannon (Administrative Assistant, IMSA SOUTH):

One of the biggest achievements in my lifetime is playing a role in opening IMSA South this year.  I have been given the extraordinary opportunity to start my career in education, as an Admin Assistant, with a charter school that is unlike any other.  I have been overjoyed by my excitement to come to work every day, and it’s all because of my positive interactions with our students, their families and our staff.  We are genuinely an environment that craves community and family.  Between the staff and Admin, no child is ever left behind and always feel safe and loved.  You can see the happiness in every student’s face as they walk through the hallways; and if there isn’t a smile on that cute face, there’s always one of my amazing co-workers around the corner to ask, “What’s going on?”  I love being a part of a small yet impactful experience in anyone’s life, let alone a child’s life.  It’s great to not only be a part of their education, but also their well-being which is truly something IMSA South strives for.  Regardless of where my life leads to, I will always remember the impact IMSA has made on me as an adult.  But for now, I can only imagine what kind of positive impact we’re making on our students for their future.
Megan Young, (Kindergarten Teacher, IMSA SOUTH):

Since working at IMSA South, I have seen tremendous growth in our students! As a teacher, I love working with students and families who are committed to learning and that’s the kind of community you will find at IMSA South.  As students enter their school, they know they are safe, cared for, and expected to do their best work daily.  It’s truly wonderful to work for a school that allows hands-on learning in a fun and caring environment. As students enter their school, they know they are safe, cared for, and expected to do their best work daily.  It’s truly wonderful to work for a school that allows hands-on learning in a fun and caring environment.

We’ve only just begun our journey as the IMSA South Panthers, and already we have become a strong united front.    As I walk the hallways of our school, I am proud to be apart of a teaching team committed to student success within one of Indianapolis’s close-knit communities.  We are a family here!  We learn together, motivate each other, and grow together to reach our individual potentials on a daily basis.  We are IMSA South!
Teruko Knight-Gavia, (Administrative Assistant, IMSA WEST):
This is my 7th year working for IMSA, and it has been a pleasure. For the first time in my career and since I’ve been at IMSA I really feel valued and appreciated. The administration has been professional, knowledgeable, caring and supportive of its staff. The “student learning” priority is central to all we do, from classroom instruction and management to student safety and well -being.   I could not ask for better people to work for.


Lashanda Brown, (Parent, IMSA NORTH):
I chose IMSA initially because of the class sizes, but as I began to build a relationship with my child’s teacher and the administrators, it became much more than that. My experience had been wonderful. If there is any concern I have with my child or anyone surrounding my child, I feel comfortable enough going directly to the source and the issue is handled immediately. The teachers do care about my children and how they are progressing in their education. I currently have three children enrolled at IMSA and I have no plans on removing them. I have built a positive rapport with the staff and it continues to grow.
Brenda Meade, (grandparent, guardian and Parent Ambassador of IMSA SOUTH):

I have chosen IMSA South because I gained custody of my 3 beautiful grandchildren who were in great need of guidance in their education. IMSA South has delivered 100% beyond my expectations! My grandchildren have improved so much. Grades have improved, interest in school and in learning have grown. IMSA South has become our second family. Everyone on staff are a blessing and I am so grateful to have them. They have reached out and helped all the children no matter what the need may be. Thank you IMSA South, We love you and we will be back for the 2014-2015 school year


Chrissy Gray, (Parent and Parent Ambassador, IMSA SOUTH):

Our family has really enjoyed being a part of the IMSA South family. The teachers and the staff truly take interest in their students. They take the time to learn how your child learns. They do this by not only interacting with the students, but through fantastic communication amongst themselves and with the family. I have been so impressed with the schools special needs program! After some very frustrating times with both public and charter schools, it was a relief to finally have a team who really cares about making sure my son gets a wonderful education. I look forward to many more wonderful years as a part of this superb group of educators.


Liza Kaye Taylor, (Parent and Parent Ambassador, IMSA NORTH):

My son currently attends Indiana Math and Science Academy North as a sophomore in High School.  I chose IMSA North because I was impressed with not only the curriculum but the dedication of the Teachers employed there as well.  The Teachers are available and communicate not only the strengths and weaknesses of my child, but they also provide an avenue to improve the weak areas.  IMSA North is my extended FAMILY.  They care as much about my son and his education as I do.



Mo’Naie Norman Anderson, (Student, 3rd Grade, IMSA SOUTH):
I love IMSA because I care about my education and I know my teachers care about making sure I receive a great education. I will not give up on myself because I care too much about myself and IMSA. I do not want to let IMSA down.


Megan Ross, (Parent, Parent Ambassador and Small Business Owner at IMSA NORTH):
We chose IMSA for several reasons. A smaller classroom, college prep, diversity and so on but one thing that stands out to me is that my child is not a number. When he’s at school, he is recognized for who he is, not by a test score or number.



Larissa McFarland, (Senior-12th gr, Student Ambassador at IMSA WEST):
I have been here at Indiana Math and Science Academy for seven years beginning with the 6th grade. In the beginning of my time here I had already lost interest in academics and I had a hard time making friends and being involved with my surroundings. Thanks to IMSA, my current GPA is a 4.25 and, not only have I been involved in my community, I have held positions of leadership.
After coming to IMSA, there was an exponential change in my academics as well as my social interactions, (as a student ambassador, for example).


Shaquan Wright, (Senior-12th gr, Student Ambassador at IMSA WEST):
The thing I like the most about the school is that I am able to work at the school and also be a student. This school has provided me with my first job which I enjoy very much.