Regional Science Fair Success (CIRSEF)

Spring break started with a bang here at IMSA West. The Annual Central Indiana Regional Science and Engineering Fair (CIRSEF) was held on Saturday, March 19, 2022 at Marian University.
With 103 total participants, IMSA West was represented by 11 students at the event. These students were hand picked from our science fair participants and were considered the top science fair projects of this year by our team.
They had spent months on these projects and include: Oluwatobi Omotoso, Kofoworola Dosunmu, Mercy Ayodele, Abiola Jojolade, David Karonwi, Treasur Simmons, Farida Tijani, Sera Adam, Oluwagbenga Kolurejo, Dasia Davis, and Bewaji Karonwi. These students deserve tremendous praise for their hard work and commitment to these projects.
We were thrilled to watch as our own, Bewaji Karonwi, placed third in the 8th grade division. This is a huge accomplishment. This is the first regional winner in the school’s history and the Science Department and Administration are overjoyed!!
A huge thank you needs to go to the students for their dedication (and being to school at 7:30 am on a Saturday), Ms. King and Ms. Harris for their continued support in mentoring the science fair students, Admin for their support in all things STEM, Eli Lilly for their partnership and time helping students to prepare for the science fair and the families and community that continues to support our students here at IMSA West.