Important Dismissal Changes

Hello IMSA families,

Beginning the week after Thanksgiving, construction of a new gym will start on the south (parking lot) side of our building.  Due to the location, we will need to temporarily move our school office entrance and the method of our dropoff/pickup of our car riders.  Please note changes on the attached map.

The office door will be located along the exit drive on the east side of the building.  Visitors may still park in designated locations in our normal parking lot and will walk along the driveway to the office door.  There will be direction signs toward the office entrance.  PLEASE NOTE:  The office will be closed for dismissal from 3:15-4:15.

Morning car rider drop-off will continue to be similar to the current method, but staff will supervise and direct students in the new office door.  We will stop traffic for several cars at a time and then release cars when all students are safely in the door.

Afternoon car rider & tutoring/club dismissal will also be along our exit drive, but students will be coming out of a door further along the drive.  Again, we will stop traffic until all students are safely in the car and then release a group of several cars at time.  We have a plan to move students quickly out of the building but if a car is waiting for a student we will ask them to pull into the church parking lot to wait for them to be escorted out.

This will take a bit of adjustment, however, safety is our number one priority so please be patient and cooperative and we have high expectations that this can be done in a timely manner.