New Curriculum at a Glance

New Curriculums at a Glance

IMSA West has adopted two new curriculum resources that are highly rated by EdReports, rigorous and designed to engage our students. We also wanted to make sure  students who are doing eLearning and in-person instruction can access these curriculum resources.
Curriculum Subject K-5 6-8
Wit & Wisdom ELA ✅ ✅
W/W – Novel Based Reading and Writing ELA ✅ ✅
Zearn Math ✅  

Wit & Wisdom K–8 English curriculum 

Wit & Wisdom is a K–8 English curriculum developed by teachers, for teachers in collaboration with the nonprofit Great Minds.
Wit & Wisdom teachers and students experience the joy of reading, writing, and speaking about excellent texts while meeting the rigor of the standards. With four modules at each grade level, students build content knowledge by delving deeply into significant, high-interest topics in the liberal arts and sciences.
Wit & Wisdom’s learning design is based on the premise that texts lead and standards follow. Instead of addressing standards in isolation, Wit & Wisdom lessons integrate standards from multiple Common Core State Standards strands based on the demands of the text.          Learn more

Zearn K-5 Math Curriculum

“Zearn allows kids to discover the wonders of math while given the supports for success.”
Our Zearn Math Approach to Teaching and Learning is a comprehensive guide designed to support deep understanding of Zearn Math and how our program helps all children love learning math. The 50-page guide includes details on our:
  • Instructional model that supports daily differentiation and engagement
  • Integrated supports that help teachers reach all learners, including English Learners
  • Sample schedules that support engagement and multimodality learning for all students