High Ability

At IMSA West we know that children may have exceptional abilities regardless of their background. Our commitment is to offer educational options to meet the needs of our students and to maximize opportunities that cultivate high ability performances.
A  “High ability student” means a student who performs at, or shows the potential for performing at an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.
High Ability Identification
Selection Procedures
Assessment measures may include, but are not limited to:
  • CogAT (Cognitive Abilities Test)
  • PSAT/AP Potential Tool
  • Terra Nova
  • NWEA
  • Teacher rating scale
Testing may be requested for students in any grade. Students in grades 6 and up will be tested in the fall semester.
High Ability Service Options
Grades 6-8
  • Service options for students identified as having high ability – general intellectual: Students identified as having high ability in the general intellectual domain have the option of attending a self-contained classroom.
  • Service options for students identified as having high ability in one domain of math or language arts: Teachers will differentiate curriculum so that all identified students can receive an accelerated and enriched articulated education in math or language arts according to their identification.